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Blended eLearning (BeL)  = (A). eLearning +  (B). Remote Online Training (ROT) 

Blended eLearning (BeL) is the latest fully remote online blended learning methodology that combines:

(A). Elearning (or Self-Learning online using a Learning Management System (LMS) ), ..

(B). Remote Online Training ( or Meeting virtually with the Instructor online using Zoom/Skype/Google Meet video-conferencing.)

In this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic time, the entire Learning & Development (L&D) industry has to embrace the ‘New Norm’ to go remotely online to avoid human physical contacts and overcome travel restrictions.  Here, at My Blended Elearning (MyBE) platform, we offer you a better remote online learning experience that is PRACTICAL, SAFE, EFFECTIVE, CONVENIENT & of superb VALUE!!

Shown in the image below is a summary of what participants will receive in a typical MyBE course.

A typical Blended eLearning (BeL) course.
"In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves beautifully equipped to live in a world that no longer exists."
Eric Hoffer

My Blended Elearning (MyBE) is a 2-in-1 platform, consists of two parts: 

(A): eLearning (via LMS)

BeL part A: eLearning

(B): Remote Online Training (via ZOOM/Skype/Google Meet)

BeL part (B): Remote Online Training

Why take MyBE Courses?


It is now well-recognized that Blended eLearning (BeL) approach can better meet organizational learning goals and satisfies a return of expectation (ROE).  Scroll down below to view a list of the many advantages using the BeL course delivery methodology. 

The best amongst all those advantages, is that BeL platform also empowers Flipped Learning ( a variant of BeL).  The image diagram below is an example of Flipped Learning delivery method as recommended in a Blended Learning White Paper sponsored by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Training Alignment Team (TAT).  (You can refer to the source URL show in the diagram for more information). 

BeL empowers Flipped Learning

Blended eLearning (BeL) advantages include …


Safe, Remotely Online

Full Social-Distancing Compliance. Learn at your own pace, own space and at the safety of your home/workplace. No crowding, no travelling. Avoid risks of pandemic exposure!


Fully Customizable

MyBE course can be customized to address specific target areas of job-skills & towards closing employees' specific training needs gap. More relevant & focused.


24x7, Flexible, Self-paced

Everyone learns at their own time, pace and convenience. Avoid the 'too-busy-for-training' pitfall. One can 'study-ahead' or 'catch-up-later' with BeL methods. You decide.


Grades, Reports & Tracking

Online real-time training evaluations provide fast and accurate tracking of employees' training records. Immediate feedback allows speedy actions to re-learn and strengthen areas of weaknesses.


Cost Effective !

Lowers total cost of training delivery. Increase quality, productivity and boost employees' self-esteem and improve skill-sets. HRDF training grant claimable!


Mutual Support System

Learning becomes the mutual responsibility of the workers and employers. With MyBE platform, participants take more serious accountability for own learning. Producing a 'Win-Win' result.

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7 QC Tools For Quality Improvements

Click here to view the course contents.   7 QC Tools are scientific management tools, used worldwide by almost every organizations to analyze data/facts collected for the purpose of quality improvements.  The 7 QC Tools are simple tools, low-cost and

Founder, Consultant Trainer

Meet Mr. Nelson Kok

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Our Mission

We are committed to Total Customer Satisfaction; to be Your Preferred Blended Elearning Site for remote online professional training.

Customer Focused

All our training courses are customizable and 'tailor-made' to meet our customers' specific training needs. Contact us and tell us how we can support you in meeting your employees' training needs.

Qualified Experienced Facilitator

Qualified with many years of experience, our Facilitator has served internationally in more than 10 countries (e.g. in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Sudan.)

Cost Effective & Value-Add Platform

Using latest online technology, our 24x7 Blended eLearning platform brings superb value, cost-savings, practical and convenience to our participants/clients.

How Can We Help You?

Do you have any training needs?  Contact us and tell us how can we support your organization?


What our clients say

Mr. Kok,   Thank you for your professional training services to Apex-Dubai.  We appreciate your excellent trainings very much.
Managing Director
Nelson, It has been great working with you throughout these 10 over years.  We have established a strong synergistic...
Director, ICQ Khartoum Sudan
  Innovative and interesting way of conducting online class. Can see a lot of planning and setting up efforts...
General Manager